Armin’s Foundation for Education in a nonprofit organization 501 (C)(3) with a mission to provide quality education to underprivileged children throughout the world, by building schools especially for girls, providing tutoring, and providing educational supplies.  Our demographic target is the children of refugees, immigrants, and impoverished ethnic minorities.

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Update on School building project, and request for your help:

As of Nov 26, 2017

Dear Friends,

On October 14, 2017, We proudly opened the first high school for girls in a rural village in province of Hamedan, Iran. The school currently has 4 classrooms, an office, 3 bathrooms and a library. It is housing 96 female students grades 7 through 10. In 2018, we will continue building classrooms for 11 and 12th grades plus a gym. Here are some pictures from the opening ceremony. I need to remind you that having a scarf is mandatory by Islamic law in Iran. In most of the pictures you can see me, along my dear aunt who carried this mission in Iran, on behalf of me and Armins Foundation.
We both thank you for all your splendid donations and kind souls.

Beloved Armin,

July 29, 2017, will mark the eleventh month of your flight to kingdom of heaven.
Mom, I am informing you and our friends with great joy that our dream of building a school in your name is a reality now.
My dearest, with the help of friends and family, we are building a high school for girls in a village named Zaghe, in surrounding rural areas of Hamedan, Iran.
This year with the funds we gathered, we would be able to build classes for 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th graders, with an office, three bathrooms, and a pantry.
Right now, there is a girls’ school that has 1st grade through 9th. This school is so congested that they use the bathrooms as classrooms; in fact the capacity is for 150 students but there are 306 students in there. The girls had to go and sit in home after ninth grade, marry, and be dependent on a male figure for their life.
By building a completely separate high school, we will help to reduce the number of students in the current school, and at the same time enable the girls to be able to get a high school diploma and on the way to college, to become independent and liberated from their traditional conventions, which has imprisoned them.
Armin, you are/were the witness to all my efforts and my friends’, specially our aunt Zari in Iran, to make this a reality.
I remember last March or April I requested help via FB and email, and I could gather the funds in Iran and here in US, enough to build the first phase of this project, but we need to raise fund for the second phase which will happen next summer.
Any of you that is willing to help please contact me.
The pictures attached, show the process of building this high school from day one, though now.
I am hoping that I’ll be able to go to Iran for the opening ceremony of the school on the first day of fall 2017.
You see Armin?! Mom will not get tired of spreading your kindness and pureness throughout the world.
I will spread the pollen’s of love flower all over in your memory.
You will constantly hear my “I love you” loud.

With the hope to uproot the ignorance one school at a time throughout the world.
The ignorance that is the mother of all miseries and adversities.
For my life, “I Love You”.